I was asked to write something about racism in our middle class county town for a local magazine. (Sorry for the n-word, they are rough notes), nfp).

I couldn’t do it. I don’t think the editors realised just how fucking racist the people from this town are.

I’m white but from a mixed race family. I moved down here from London and have lived in all the big cities in the UK. I’ve never dealt with anything like it. This whole reverse racism thing, so many people say to me ” those N*****s are getting awful uppity ain’t they?” but think because it’s worded differently with some bullshit about “reverse racism” it’s OK.

Hey, douche-canoe: it’s not fucking OK.

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Aldi’s attracts many middle class wankers.

Aldi’s is usually in poverty stricken run down areas, Lewes is not that area, there is a Waitrose 3 minutes away from the Aldi’s.

The rich people, and remember people don’t get rich by being super generous & wanton, get so, so, excited by how cheap Aldi’s is they go a bit cray-cray.. 

These Waitrose lovers pack their trolleys with cheap Shampagen & crates of wine & stuffed olives. They then pay by card, or sometimes pull out a huge wad with which to impress us scum. They always try the credit card first because they “forgot” Aldi’s doesn’t take credit cards.

One way Aldi’s save money is by not having a bagging area. You buy bags & take them, and your shopping to the back of the store to the packing area. You wouldn’t believe how many people don’t get this. A woman once demanded to see the manager after buying two trolleys of fancy foods at low low prices because there was no one to pack her stuff and take it out to the car. You know, like in Waitrose. I asked her why she should be treated any differently and she just looked at me like I was stupid.

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Pop-Culture heroes collected & posted by lospaziobianco:

1) V for Vendetta by omocat on Tumblr

2) Veronica Sawyer by Mike Mitchell on Tumblr

3) Tobias Fünke by Sam Spratt on Tumblr

4) Dexter by Massimo Carnevale on Tumblr

5) Sherlock Holmes by Mathias Olsen on Tumblr

6) Walter White & Jesse Pinkman by Isabella Morawetz on Tumblr

7) April O’Neil by Dave Rapoza on Tumblr

8) Charlie Bradbury by Licia on Tumblr

9) Ellen Ripley by Evan Palmer on Tumblr

10) Tetsuo Shima by Ash Thorp on Tumblr

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Notes. Raw w/spelling mistakes & all. This is my writing Thought Dump remember so get used to it.

I don’t want your opinions, I’m just a writer writing and this is the place I dump my rambling, incoherent thoughts. Good thoughts, bad thoughts, it’s all just words on a screen.

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Badly Spliced YouTube Comments

I’m really sad that on such a brilliant video, the comments became predictable & disappointing, and this was from a girl. I don’t know what bad experiences she has had but I feel for her & would do anything to change her mind.

Sorry for the bad cut & paste job the full convo is here.

This is, to fall back on a horrible internet saying made to feel feminists shitty about themselves: this is why we can’t have nice things!

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